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College Readiness Starts Here

Your coach trains you on the field; we train you off the field. Both increase your likelihood of landing an athletic roster spot at the right school for you.

Hear what Stella, college sophomore soccer player, says about the importance of developing confidence!

Maximize Your Potential

Coaches want “good people” who aren’t just competitive but are resilient, well-rounded, and coachable.

You want to be ready for what’s next. You’re prepared to invest in yourself AND gain a competitive advantage that others don’t have.

Team Cura offers a different level of coaching for student-athletes looking to land a roster spot. Success isn’t just about being a high achiever or a successful athlete. This depends on your people skills—how you show up for life, how you lead, how work in teams, and how well you listen. It’s about how you present yourself, express yourself, and communicate. This is all wrapped up in your reputation or in other terms, “your personal brand.”

Skills Beyond Drills℠ is designed to help time-crunched students learn how to put their best brand out there.  Our bite-sized video-based training, and customized workshops, are game-changers for students who succeed by working smarter, not just harder.

  • Over 50 short videos

  • E-books include assessments, resources and checklists

  • Certificate of Completion shows coaches you're committed to excellence

How Many High School Athletes Compete in College?

The Journey to the Next Level

Team Cura staff includes educators, sports parents, coaches, athletes and former high school and collegiate athletes. We understand the life lessons learned through sport and the increased career opportunities with employers who seek to hire former athletes. And to get there, we understand the commitment to the sport.

As the infographic shows, it’s competitive. Have you invested in all the necessary training?