Team Cura’s mission is to give high school student athletes the character edge they need to stand out in a competitive world, on and off the field.


Our co-founder Rob Hughey played high school and college golf.  As a family it was an uncertain road on Rob’s journey to earn a college athletic scholarship. So, we developed Skills Beyond Drills℠.  The character-driven interpersonal skills training and practical insights give scholarship seeking athletes and their parents a playbook to help them, like Rob, see their sports dreams come true.

Every day we are excited to work with athletes and their parents to encourage and coach them and celebrate their successes!

It’s competitive.  You never know, the interpersonal character preparation including a confident introduction, reputable leadership, stellar personal brand or, one of our favorites, the handwritten thank you, your athlete polishes with Team Cura may just be the differentiating factor that gets them the roster spot!

And at the end of the day, no matter if your athlete goes on and plays at the collegiate level or not, those same skills learned with Team Cura will help them get farther with any next endeavor.


In Latin, the noun Cura means “the care, concern, or attention given to something or someone.”  And we care about your son or daughter’s opportunity to play at the next level.

Rob and co-founder Karen Hughey were reminiscing about Rob’s experiences as a high school golfer – all the uncertainty, the mistakes and the little victories we made on his journey to play college golf.  We had an “ah-ha” moment when recalling the countless hours and balancing all the priorities of a student athlete – academics, practice, competition, jobs, family and activities.

We were inspired to develop a program to help scholarship seeking athletes and their parents tackle the challenges of getting to the next level. So, we developed Skills Beyond Drills℠ based on our experience and what we learned.  It’s based on primary research with countless coaches, AD’s and athletes we’ve interviewed. “Athletic talent gets student athletes noticed, but it’s character that gets them signed.” Coaches demand well-rounded athletes representing their roster. The character-driven interpersonal skills training gives athletes the competitive advantage on and off the field and prepares them to play at the next level.

Today, Team Cura is a group of educators and athletes who have been there and understand the challenges students and their parents face. We give athletes the resources they need to be the best they can be in their sport, school and life to earn a college athletic scholarship!

“The parent who successfully supports their athlete to develop character-based interpersonal skills can be the difference maker when coaches are ready to offer scholarships.”

“I highly recommend athletes take advantage of the Skills Beyond Drills training program.  It is a huge advantage for being recruited.”

Golf coach JD Brake

Basketball Coach D.


Karen Hughey

Founder & CEO

Our fearless leader and recovering sports parent who occasionally takes time for R&R

Rob Hughey

Business Development Manager

If he’s not at his desk, you’ll find him on the links, at the driving range, or in the pro shop.

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Brandon Campbell

Video Production

This rugged outdoorsman is always on the lookout for cinematic opportunities.

Konnor Gann

Video Production and Photography

Ask about the year he worked as custodian and childcare attendant at a parks & rec
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Team Cura welcomes high school and college interns from all across the country. The ideas, skills and enthusiasm they bring to our organization are invaluable.

Not only do student interns enhance our lives; they tell us we enhance theirs. Interns learn about entrepreneurship, product introductions and how to collaborate with a team. It’s a win-win relationship.

We offer intern opportunities year-round. If you’re an athlete, that’s a bonus, but not required. Here are a few of the capabilities and interests that might make you a good fit for our team:

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