Return to school and sports

Grappling with the Safe Return to Sports

Oh, the return of a new academic year. August means back to school, college move-in, and the beginning of the Fall sports schedule. Historically, that is. However, the fall semester of 2020 will undoubtedly be anything but traditional. First, school districts, colleges, and universities nationwide feel the ambiguity this academic year has in store. What do the next few months…
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virtual marketing

How to Market Your Personal Brand in a Virtual Athletic World

How to Market Your Personal Brand in a Virtual Athletic WorldIt’s that time of year again. The end of July marks a highly anticipated and frantic season. In the past, this may be the time to squeeze in the end of summer vacations, back to school shopping, and gearing up (pun intended) for the fall sports season. However, fall 2020…
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brand development

7 Steps to Start Building Your Brand Today

Have you thought about your Personal Brand, also known as your reputation?  If you haven’t, don’t worry.  You are not alone. But it’s not too late to start.  Check out Personal Brand Video to learn about personal brand, branding strategies and building brand equity. The purpose of this article and accompanying Personal Brand Assessment is to help you start developing…
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25 Million Dollars Raised in Back-to-Back Weeks

25 million dollars. Now that’s a lot of money. The PGA Tour has long had a reputation for being a charitable organization. Even during a suspended season impacted by COVID-19, the PGA Tour and fellow television partners are finding ways to give back. The first charity match took place on Sunday, May 17th at the historic Seminole Golf Club in…
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online learning is flexible

3 Reasons Why Online Education Could Be the New Norm

Technology and education. The terms are often used in the same sentence and have quickly become dependent on one another in the world of secondary and post-secondary schooling. More and more schools have adopted digital companions to support their curriculum. And during this COVID-19 crisis, new e-learning platforms are being introduced and utilized to an unprecedented extent. Students and teachers…
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Healthy eating at home

Healthy Eating at Home During COVID-19

15 months ago, our guest blogger, Meghan Gregory, a registered nutritionist wrote a blog for our high school athletes.  The blog focused on how much easier it is to eat healthy food when you cook at home.  Healthy food fuels athletes and typically improves performance.  Fast forward to April 2020.  We are in the mist of Shelter in place and…
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When the Sports World Stood Still

When The Sports World Stood Still

COVID-19 changed the Sports WorldIt was all going according to plan. The 2019-2020 sports schedules were all on track. Coming off a fresh Super Bowl 54-win, Kansas City was riding an all time high. The newly established XFL launched their first few weekends of football and saw promising viewership ratings. March Madness was right around the corner with conference tournaments…
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4 Approaches to Manage College Acceptance Anxiety

Anxiety at the MailboxIt’s that time of year when colleges and universities are sending out acceptance letters. As a parent, you understand that some colleges and athletic programs may be out of your student’s reach. You understand that some programs even enjoy rejecting student-athletes because it makes their selection process lucrative. Therefore, you are feeling the anxiety that comes with…
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Best foods for athletes

5 Tips for a High School Athletes’ Healthy Eating Plan

On a recent trip to the grocery store Karen found herself in the checkout line behind a woman who was buying more than $300.00 worth of groceries. What was most interesting about her purchases was the amount of “junk” food in her cart with items such as ice cream, Fritos, potato chips, frozen pizza, soda, etc. The cashier also remarked…
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NCAA pay for play

NCAA To Let The Kids Play (For Pay)

The NCAA made headlines recently when they chose to allow student-athletes to cash in on their likeness and image. This decision came after many long years of the NCAA facing social pressure to compensate their athletes.  It presents a monumental shift in the landscape of amateur athletics. On October 29, the NCAA released a statement regarding their decision.  Read the…
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Don't make college recruiting mistakes

6 Do’s and Don’ts of College Recruiting

College recruiting is a tough processCollege coaches spend endless hours going over potential recruits’ videos, conversing with them through email, and even scouring their social media profile(s) in order to gain the clearest picture on the type of student-athlete they are recruiting to join their program. With so many athletes out there for coaches to choose from, it is on…
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college athlete time management

A Day in the Life of A College Athlete

Two full-time jobsBeing a college student-athlete is a full-time job. Actually, it’s like two full-time jobs that you have to balance simultaneously. Playing sports in college provides you with great skills and habits to take with you in life after sports.  It’s important to understand what you can expect in a typical day in the life as a college athlete.…
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Study Like a Champion Today

For many young athletes, the most important thing is being on the field. What is sometimes overlooked by some student-athletes, however, is that the on-field competition is merely a part of the equation. Athletes are not allowed to compete at all unless they fulfill certain academic requirements and, as we all know, most coaches don’t want to deal with players…
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Negative thinking is a part of being human, but there are strategies you can use today to change your thoughts. What we say to ourselves throughout the day may often seem like our mind aimlessly wandering, but that internal dialogue can prove to be extremely important to our mental health and well-being. It may seem trivial or unimportant, but the…
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avoid injury

The Downsides of Specializing Early

Currently, hyper-competitive sports start at an early age.  Subsequently more and more young athletes are feeling the pressure to specialize and choose one sport to focus their energy. It may seem like it is beneficial for a young athlete to focus on honing their skills at just one sport early on.  However, this is more than likely not always the…
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Why Likability Matters for Your Success

For several years, I’ve studied Human Relations and taught it to students of all ages: from high school, to college, to working professionals.  Some Interesting comments I’ve heard during workshops include: “I’m not at work to be liked, I’m there to get a job done.” “I’m not on the team to be liked, I’m there to compete and win.” From…
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3 Ways Sleep Helps You Reach Peak Performance

Let’s face it – high school students are busy! School, homework, part-time jobs, activities, family, and friends all vie for their time and attention. And for student-athletes, practices, training, and competitions are all added to this list. So where do busy students find the time to meet all their obligations? Often, they forgo a healthy amount of sleep. So, the…
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