Our friend Alex provides us with his experience with Team Cura, and how the Skills Beyond Drills Training Program has helped him become the professional athlete he is today.

“As an athlete on any level being properly prepared can never be over emphasized. Of course this includes being prepared to take the field but, perhaps even more importantly, an athlete needs to be proactive in being prepared to make the step to the next level. All coaches are looking for that difference that a properly prepared athlete can bring to their team. Most coaches agree that the off field skills are equally important as the on-field skills. Is the athlete a good student, are they coachable, do they respect their teammates, how are their time management skills, are they a good son or daughter, and do they respect themselves. The athlete that possesses these intangible skills are invaluable to their future coach and can be the difference makers when coaches are ready to offer scholarships.”


NIcklaus Golf Club
Head Golf Professional