How to Market Your Personal Brand in a Virtual Athletic World

How to Market Your Personal Brand in a Virtual Athletic World

It’s that time of year again. The end of July marks a highly anticipated and frantic season. In the past, this may be the time to squeeze in the end of summer vacations, back to school shopping, and gearing up (pun intended) for the fall sports season. However, fall 2020 will mark the first time in this generation that fall sports will look at lot different.

First, the annual Masters golf tournament was already rescheduled from April until November. The changing colors of Magnolia trees, a title defense for Tiger Woods as he attempts to overtake Jack Nicklaus’ major tournament record. A tradition unlike any other it will be.

Professional Sports Resumes

Second, as the NBA and NHL seasons resume and the abbreviated MLB season gets underway, the major North American sports have adapted to the way competition is held, including:

  • Social distancing when not in direct line of competition
  • Increased testing for athletes and coaching personnel
  • Neutral competition sites
  • No fans in attendance

These decisions were made carefully and thoughtfully by medical professionals, the organizations, and advisors.

Steps for Athletes to Take Now

With that said, it goes without dispute that professional organizations have a tremendous amount of resources. Yet, so do amateur athletes! Support like this will ensure that you maintain the positive personal brand that coaches need at the next level. It’s ultimately up to you to put in the work. Here are a few thought-provoking starters to get you underway, or continuing, in the right direction:

  1. Make it a habit to keep consistent contact with coaches. Even if athletic personnel aren’t responding right away, remain steadfast. Coaching staffs are adapting to the new world of virtual communication as well.
  2. Be professional. Now is an excellent time to brush up on your virtual professionalism and conduct yourself on Zoom conferences and phone calls. Remember, you are selling yourself virtually. Make it impossible for a coach to tell you no.
  3. Is your digital footprint jeopardizing your opportunities? Based on primary research that Team Cura has conducted, over 62% of college coaches will check social media platforms of potential recruits. Further, 70% of future employers suggest that they will check when applying for a job. Make sure your brand aligns with how you want to be perceived digitally.
  4. Finally, remain optimistic. Scientific studies show that maintaining a positive disposition, even when the situation makes it difficult, will improve your chances of success. The brain perceives a faked smile the same way it would a genuine smile through the facial feedback hypothesis.

In conclusion, the 2020-2021 athletic calendar will look a lot different. However, disruption can be beneficial to the college evaluation process moving forward. The sports world will ultimately return to normal, and competition will resume. You have to make sure that your brand doesn’t fall behind when that time comes. What are you doing as an athlete to make your athletic dreams a reality?

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