Team Affiliation Partnership

We work with clubs, sports performance training organizations, coaches and more.  We know successful student-athletes are key to your program’s success. They bring accolades to your team today. And down the road, they help you attract more and better athletes.

When your athletes enroll in our Skills Beyond Drills℠ training program, they gain practical skills that make them well-rounded and gain the competitive advantage on and off the field.

Why partner with Team Cura?
We are a group of athletes and educators with a passion for training athletes for life.  Coaches are busy. So, let us help teach the off-the-field skills your athletes will use to excel in their sport, school and life.

How does it work?
– You promote the Skills Beyond Drills training program
– Parents enroll their athletes
– We track your athletes’ enrollment
– You get paid

Partnerships and Resources

We are all about creating win-win solutions for everyone we work with.  Team Cura is proud to partner with other organizations to better serve the high school athletes we work with all across the country!

Our Sponsors

We appreciate the support of our sponsors!