Student-athletes who want to play at the next level can think of their college pursuit like a job search. Merely posting a resume on the internet and hoping someone contacts them doesn’t usually work too well.  Hope is not a good strategy.

With Skills Beyond Drills, athletes learn the proven strategies to successfully achieve their athletic goals.  They discover how to develop stellar interpersonal skills and become well-rounded team members.  These aren’t nice to have skills.  They are must-have skills college coaches require.  Further, imagine them with confidence and professionalism when meeting with coaches.  Picture this – the result is your athlete earning a roster spot and college athletic scholarship!

How did we do it? We took training we’ve provided to over 2,000 students, primary research from coaches and AD’s, and insight from living the high school to college athlete experience firsthand.

Topics include:

  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Presence
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Finding the Right College

The program was designed with busy student-athletes in mind.  The online platform allows athletes to enjoy the content anytime at their own pace.

Maximize Your Opportunities

Tailored for the Future. Ready for the Here and Now

Team Cura is the leader in training athletes for life.  Our Skills Beyond Drills℠ training program focuses on character-driven interpersonal skill development that gives high school athletes the competitive advantage on and off the field.  Dedicated high school athletes who want to earn a college athletic scholarship have a better chance of success when they add Skills Beyond Drills to their training and practice routine.

Start with the College Alignment Assessment. The overwhelming college options to consider are simplified by helping athletes take a realistic look at their current interests and abilities.

Next, an individual learning plan is created based on what the athlete needs to become more marketable.  Picture yourself competing against other athletes for limited roster spots.  By completing Skills Beyond Drills, you’ll prove to coaches you are willing to go above and beyond when other athletes won’t.

Finally, the training concludes with Skills Beyond Drills Certification earned by putting the lessons learned into practice.  The result is a confident, polished and marketable athlete.

I liked all the info because it helps me to present and be more confident in the future, Anna, high school soccer player.

Certification indicates to coaches that the athlete is well-rounded and prepared to represent the college program.

No matter if the athlete decides to play at the college level or not, Skills Beyond Drills prepares them for sport, school and life success.

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