6 Do’s and Don’ts of College Recruiting

College recruiting is a tough process

College coaches spend endless hours going over potential recruits’ videos, conversing with them through email, and even scouring their social media profile(s) in order to gain the clearest picture on the type of student-athlete they are recruiting to join their program. With so many athletes out there for coaches to choose from, it is on the athletes themselves to make sure they stand out and attract the interest of coaches at the schools they are interested in attending. Recruits must be ultra-aware of everything they are always doing, but they also must be aware of what they are not doing as well. We have compiled a list of three key points you should do, as well as three things you should avoid when interacting with a coach or recruiter.

Do's and Don'ts to increase scholarship success

  • DO be professional! Whenever you are communicating with a coach, make sure you always conduct yourself in a professional manner. No “text speak”, no shorthand abbreviations and absolutely no emojis!
  • DO NOT make the coach do extra work! Keep in mind that coaches go through thousands of emails, and they must be very efficient with their time. Make sure you are attaching any relevant materials (contact information, recruiting videos, statistics, etc.) in the email so everything you want the coach to see is right there in one email.
  • DO be respectful! It may seem like common sense but being respectful and polite really goes a long way when being recruited by a coach. Being kind and respectful can make it that much harder for coaches to decide against bringing you into their program!
  • DO NOT be reckless on social media! While social media certainly has its place and can be used as a valuable resource, if you are posting inappropriate or questionable material onto your account(s), it can show a coach that you might not be the kind of athlete they want to recruit into their program.
  • DO follow up! After the meeting or interaction ends, make sure you express to the coach that you are interested in following up and continuing the dialogue that has already been established. Thank them for their time and let them know you look forward to hearing from them in the future!
  • DO NOT let your parents do the talking! A quick way to get crossed off a coach’s board is by sitting back and letting your parent(s) answer every question for you. When asked a question, if your immediate reaction is to look to your parents for their answer or opinion, this indicates to the coach that you may not be ready for the accountability and autonomy that comes with college athletics. It’s YOUR career, not your parent’s!

What's the conclusion?

Finally, these tips are not necessarily the be-all and end-all when it comes to getting recruited.  But applying these tips can put yourself in a better position and increase your chances of landing that scholarship. For more on how you can better yourself and take the next step, check out our website!

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